We bring together the very best in the butchery business.

First Class, family owned & operated, to the highest welfare & provenance assurances.

  • £5m purpose-built abattoir opened 2010
  • Extended 2014 at a cost of in excess of £650,000 to include new fridges, cutting room & a Freedom Food award winning lairage extension
  • Meat cutting & preparation facility
  • Wholesale, catering butchers, foodservice suppliers
  • Retail butchers & processors
  • Award winning bacons, gammons & sausages


In our business, we pride ourselves on sourcing everything local, wherever possible because nothing matters more.

"As a family business we believe the success of the C & K Meats should be judged by our ultimate customer, the consumer of meat & meat products.  If they are able to make an informed choice on source, quality, taste & value with convenient access to what we & our supply chain strive to provide & they choose our product, then we will have succeeded."  - Chris & Kevin Burrows

  • BRC
  • Red Tractor
  • Freedom Food
  • Soil Association accredited.

Proudly exporting into Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands

In Asia to Hong Kong & Macau with Japan, Philippines & Thailand soon to follow.